Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Happy Anniversary House!

One year ago, Mister & I bought our first home. We nervously signed the papers with our lawyers and  happy danced once we had the keys to our new abode! Of course we had little time to really be excited. We had to be out of our town house by the 1st of January and we were barely ready to move out. But 2 days & a wicked winter storm later, we had all of our belongs in our new home. Our hot water wasn't working yet (when the temps are in the single digits, you want hot water) so we stayed a couple of days at my parent's house while the pipes were fixed. The first few months were scary for me. We had a lot of repairs to do that we had no idea needed to be done and some of them were pretty expensive. Mister of course is always cool as a cucumber, but I tend to freak out a lot. Each time we found out that something new had to be done, I had a meltdown. I wanted so badly to decorate our home and get it looking like our dream house. But we kept at it and we are FINALLY at the stage where we can start working on the fun parts of home repairs. 

I had my moments with our home where I seriously regretted purchasing our little green ranch. I guess you could say I had buyers remorse. I saw people on Facebook and the other blogs I read where families were buying beautiful homes that needed nothing done to them except to beautify it. I was jealous and yearning to put art up on the walls instead of fixing cracks in our walls. But I have grown to love our home. It's a crotchety old man, who's floors squeak and fixtures are old as dirt. But it's our home.

Happy Anniversary little home...here's to many more!

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