Sunday, September 28, 2014

Kitchen Inspiration

Our house remodel is chugging full steam ahead! Right now Mister & my Dad have been working like mad men on the outside out the house. I'm really hoping that our house will be painted by Halloween. I'm so excited to see the color, and our new doors in place, and hanging our fun door knocker, and SO many other things that go with giving your house a major face lift. EEEE!!! So much excitement over here. 

Anywho, while the guys are outside painting, I have been very slowly painting our cabinets and working towards updating our kitchen. Once our cabinets are 100% done, I'll be sharing my so fun story about the process. But while I'm working on bringing our cabinets into the 21st century, I can't help but to day dream about the entire finished product. I love cooking & baking and I'm just not into cooking while our kitchen is in this mode. It reminds me of when my family re-did our kitchen way back when. We had a make shift kitchen in our basement bar and I don't remember many inspired meals. Dreaming about our house in it's final stages makes me extremely happy, I can't wait to be done! 

Love the fun & unique backsplash!
Everything about this kitchen is amazing. The stenciled wall, baskets on top, and the bold color of the cabinet insides! 
We're doing open shelving for a part of our kitchen to help open up the space. I love everything on these shelves! 
Instead of a dining room, we have a little nook in our kitchen. This is close to what we're hoping to a bold wallpaper on the walls to pump it up!

My Dad is helping us with a lot of updating the kitchen. Seriously I don't know where our house would be without my Dad's help. He's building us our countertop, helping with installing our open shelving, someday building our breakfast nook! The flooring also needs to be replaced and other fun updates, but I'm trying to keep calm and not freak out over how much needs to be done. Learning patience is on the top of my to-do list. 

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