Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Summer Sun

How is it that it's already August!? I feel like the Summer just began and now it's ending. I feel like there's so much left to do before it gets too cold. We haven't walked to our local ice cream store nearly enough, we haven't enjoyed enough cocktails at my favorite pub, we haven't visited any of the beaches nearby (we have 2 beaches that are less than 5 minutes from our house!!) and I haven't gotten nearly as much done to the house as I'd like to. Our final summer task before Mister goes back to school is to paint the exterior of our home. I am obsessed with the paint color we've picked out but I'm less excited about the amount of work that has to go into getting our little home painted. BUT I can't wait to see how our home will look. No more peeling dark green and nasty dirty doors. Finally our house will have the makeover it deserves. I am planning on tackling our kitchen as much as I can when mister goes off to school again. I am hoping to have it completed by Christmas time. Here's hoping...

On a more personal front, I am back on the weight loss wagon and am trying desperately to lose weight. Starting a family is in our not too distant future and I want to get my body and my health in tip top shape before we start trying to add to our brood. It is not easy to lose weight though and even though this is not news to me, it's still hard to grasp. I'll do a 30 minute work out and expect a fit body when I wake up, which is duh not practical but that's how my crazy brain works. I'm trying to kick sugar out of my diet but I have a crazy sweet tooth and I go crazy if I don't have chocolate. Remember in the movie Elf when Buddy the Elf lists all the food groups and it's all candy? Yeah same here. Me & Buddy would be besties. But I keep trying and I'm hoping I can get my brain and stomach on the same wave length!

That's pretty much all for now...stay tuned for a few more stories about our vacation to the East Coast! I'm still reminiscing and miss being there so much!

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