Monday, July 28, 2014

Summer Vacation-Washington D.C.

In the middle of July mister & I drove to Delaware to see a very good friend of ours. Aaron was the first friend I made in college and he soon became the best friend of my hubs. He even stood up in our wedding as one of the best men. When we graduated college and our wedding was over, Aaron headed back to the East Coast and we all missed him like crazy. Last year our group of friends was reunited when Aaron came back for a mutual friend's wedding. This year we all decided it was our turn to make the trip. So we left on a Wednesday morning for Greenwood, DE and made it out there very early Thursday morning. The rest of our group (the first girlfriends I made in college) were flying into D.C. Thursday afternoon, so we decided to make a day out of it. The guys were the only ones who had ever been to D.C. so we played mega tourists. 

As soon as we found a parking spot, one of our friends declared her craving for BBQ so we scouted out a fun place to eat. Hill Country BBQ did not disappoint. 
I'm on board with any restaurant that serves sweet tea in ball jars
We then set out for the Smithsonian Museums. I'm a huge history buff so I was beyond excited for the American History museum. Well it didn't really live up to my expectations, but some of the exhibits were very interesting and kinda fun. 
Dorothy's Ruby Slippers
Miss Piggy
George Washington's Suit
WWII Propaganda 
First Ladies Exhibit 
Jackie O's dress that she wore to a State dinner
After the American History Museum we walked next door to the Museum of Natural History. This one we all loved. It was so fun walking through the animal exhibits and getting introduced to new animals that seem to be roaming the Earth. The girls especially enjoyed the Jewel & Gemstones exhibit. The Hope Diamond is absolutely exquisite and I found my next birthday gift from the Mister. 

Our wonderful friend Aaron 
Me and and the ladies
How beautiful is the lobby for the museum?
Beautiful emerald ring, my next birthday gift!

The Hope Diamond was such a stunner
After the museums, we proceeded to walk our feet off trying to see as many monuments as possible...but more on that next time!

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