Thursday, November 14, 2013

Home Sweet Home!

 As you know, the Mr. and I have been searching for a home. For me it has been a stressful and agonizing time. I don't deal well with uncertanity and not knowing where we were going to live next is as uncertain as you can get. We struggled with the people we first started working with, but once we aligned ourselves with the right people our home search became much easier and less stressful.

During our search we saw some homes that were totally updated and everything we'd want from a future home. But they were almost always at the top of our budget and far away from everything we do and love. We also saw some fixer uppers. But they were extreme fixer uppers that would cost way too much money to get to a livable state. Nothing we saw got us excited about moving.

Well a couple of weeks ago we scheduled tours for two homes in our ideal town. One home was a small house that was way below our budget. The other one appeared to be perfect, but on the high end of our budget. As soon as we stepped into the first small house, we fell in love. There is not one room in the house that doesn't need updating. And despite of that, we still fell in love with every room we walked through. The entire time we were searching for homes, I knew I'd get a feeling about the place. A feeling that made me feel like I had stepped into my home. We both got that feeling when we stepped into that little ranch. Giddy with excitement, we barely wanted to see the next house and knew that it couldn't compare to the one we just saw (it didn't). Well this post is already longer than I intended, so long story short, we placed a bid on the home and nearly a week later, our bid was accepted! Since then we've been signing papers and contracts like crazy and are working hard on getting a closing date. Since the house is not being sold by a seller but instead a bank we can technically close as soon as we have all our inspections and contracts completed. In the mean time, I'm having a blast pinning remodeling ideas and scooping up every home magazine I can find! As soon as we're in the home I'll be posting about our remodeling progress and design ideas. I can't wait to share everything with you!

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