Thursday, October 24, 2013

Catching Up

So I know I said that I'd take just take the week off...but it looks like I inadvertently took a few more days off. I caught a bug recently and it has me sniffly and super tired. I have had no energy to do anything but the bare minimum! It's spicy lame sauce.

Anyway. Nothing huge has been going on around here for us. The Mr. went back to school a few weeks ago so our nights have consisted of him doing homework and me binge watching the show Bones while going bat crazy on Pinterest. He has class all night on Mondays so I usually go hang out with my Mom and the doggies. I'm still crazy about our family dog Chesney and our Watson is staying with them while we continue our home search. Speaking of home search...the stress is FINALLY over with our search. We got qualified for a loan, which was making me want to pull my hair out. That whole process was the absolute worst. We also dumped our realtor since he wasn't showing us homes and when we asked to see a house he would tell us that he didn't have time to schedule a showing. So away he went and now we're working with a great realtor who's showing us homes that we never thought of in the first place. Hopefully we'll find a home before Christmas!

Now for my own little world...I have finally decided to try my hand at dieting. I'm planning on writing a different post to explain what I'm doing, how I'm doing it, and why I'm doing it but I won't get into that now. The very shallow reason why I'm dieting is because my work pants don't fit anymore and I have a bridesmaid dress to rock this December. But there are plenty more reasons and I plan on going more in depth on this topic another time. I started a low carb/low sugar diet this past Monday. I'm seriously addicted to bread and sweets so I decided to cut out my addictions! Of course this past week I've been sick and when I'm sick all I want is chocolate! So far so good though. No falling off the wagon yet!

So that's all that's going down in our homestead these days. I'm still trying to decide what direction I want this blog to take in terms of content. There are so many different types of blogs out there and I feel very commitment-phobey when it comes to deciding on the road I'll travel down with this blog. But I'll keep posting little life diddleys and hopefully the occasional outfit or recipe. Just hang in there...I have a good feeling about the future of Love in the Burbs!

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