Friday, October 4, 2013

My First Fix

A couple of months ago I found out about Stitch Fix and I couldn't wait to get my "first fix"! Stitch Fix is a really fun new way to shop. You fill out a really lengthy (but fun) style profile on their website so that stylists at their home office can get an idea of your personal style. At the end of the questionnaire you can even submit links to your Pinterest boards so they can see past items or outfits that you pinned. Then you schedule your fix! You can schedule it whenever you like and however much you like. I chose once a month since I like to do a little shopping at other places...ok I like to do a lot of shopping. My first fix came earlier this week and it was like early Christmas. I couldn't wait to see all the pieces that my personal stylist picked for me.

As soon as Mr. and I came home from small group I made the poor man take pictures of me in my clothes. We were both exhausted and he still had grad school work to do, so we did a speed round of poses. Hence the bad quality of the pictures and from my phone none the less. One of these days I'll learn to wear makeup and use a real camera when I take pictures for the of these days.

In my fix I got a faux leather jacket and a navy tulip blouse. I loved the blouse but my "benefits" up top made the shirt a little too tight. The jacket was fun, but leather jackets just aren't my style.

I also got a pair of olive skinnies. The color was great and the fit was ok, but I'm such a diehard Old Navy girl that I couldn't keep these. I just can't stray away from the Rockstar Denim. The top was a fun laser cut suede shirt. I liked it...but I know me and I know that the material would just make me sweat too much (sorry for the TMI!)

In every fix you get at least one accessory. In this one I got a purple chevron scarf. I couldn't bring myself to keep this one since I'm more of an infinity scarf fan and this one was a little too short for my liking.

A fun feature of the fixes is that each piece comes with a style card. The stylists provide two outfits on a card that help you style your piece. They're so fun!

Here is a breakdown of my first fix. As I'm sure you can guess, the prices are mostly what kept me from keeping anything. But here is the great part! You can go back to your profile (on the website) and review the pieces you get. You tell them why you didn't like an item or why you loved an item. You can also adjust the price range of the items you are sent. After this one I went back and chose to have the cheapest options sent to me. Each fix is $20 and you can deduct that $20 from whatever item you choose to keep. 

All in all this was a fun way for me to experiment with new styles. I went back to my profile and edited it to be a little more specific to my tastes. The first fix was a little to boho for me, I tend to lean more towards classic styles. I'm super excited to see what my next fix has in store for me and I will definitely post those pics as well! 

If you're interested in stitch fix head on over and sign up! I really recommend trying it at least once. I tend to be very conservative in my clothing choices so I'm excited to go outside my fashion boundaries!

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