Sunday, September 29, 2013

The New Man in My Life

So once again more than a week has come and gone and I have yet to update the blog. BUT I have a very good reason why!

Last Thursday I got word from my Mom that a friend of a friend of hers was needing to give up her dog. She had just had a baby and was having a hard time balancing a newborn and the pup while her husband travelled for work. I was at first a little weary of even showing interest. Matt and I want a dog very badly, but we live in a town home community that doesn't allow pets. Plus a dog was way down our planned life timeline. Well ya know what they say about making plans? Yeah just don't. So last Sunday we went to visit the dog and immediately fell in love. His name is Watson and he is all love. I simply can't get enough of his tiny little legs and his wiggly butt. He's living at my parent's house until we get a place of our own and is really acting as motivation for us to really find our next home. He's very much our little man and is quickly becoming the love of our lives.

How could anyone NOT love that smiley face?!

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