Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Falling in Love

Ok so I tried to avoid the cliché title for this post but I just couldn't help myself. There is no better title for a blog post about my favorite season. Fall! I have to question anyone's sanity when they say that they hate fall. How could you hate Fall!? Perfect temperatures, you get to wear cuddly sweaters, eat tasty pumpkin flavored goodies, and nature's landscape is never more spectacular. It is 100% my most favorite season.

Ushered in with Autumn is a bevy of just fabulousness. I'm never at a loss for things to get giddy and excited for when August ends and September begins. When I lived at my parent's house, my Mom would start decorating our home with beautiful decorations. I'd come home from school with an apple scented candle lit and the aroma of a crock pot dinner simmering in the kitchen. I had hoped to do the same thing when we moved into our town home but limitations set by our landlord has seriously curbed my enthusiasm to decorate. Hopefully when we move into our home I will regain my excitement to decorate!

Here are a few things that get me happy, excited, and over all pumped for Fall!

The Fall Lookbook over at Ruche just came out and it's seriously swoon worthy. I've already added a ton of items onto a wish list...and even ordered a few too! Make sure you check out their lookbook 'One Fine Day'!

I couldn't write a post about Fall without including a blurb about my absolute favorite store! I've been working at Anthropologie since last October and every season brings in another set of stunning apparel, accessories, and home goodies. I'm absolutely dying over this maxi dress and trying so hard to resist scooping it up! 

Ok so I know I'm probably the billionth person to say this, but how amazing is Pinterest!? It's such a cool never ending pool of inspiration. 

Could this decor be any more gorgeous? 

And leave it to Martha Stewart to add a whole new level to carving pumpkins. Drilling holes instead of the usual carving brings a whole new sense of class and sophistication to a tried and true decoration. It turns a boring old pumpkin into a gorgeous lantern.

I am so excited for the upcoming posts I have planned for this blog. So many yummy recipes, decoration ideas, and a haunted tale or two (I should forewarn that I'm a bit in love with Halloween)! I hope you all are enjoying the changing seasons! 

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