Sunday, September 8, 2013

Jumping on the Tribal Print Bandwagon

When tribal print started to become a trend in the fashion world, I have to admit I was a bit wary of it. You see, ladies with Beyonce booties have a right to be wary of anything that could amplify the Beyonce-ness of their rumps. At work I've tried on printed pants and as soon as I turned around to inspect the backside...well let's just say I ripped those pants off faster than I could say...well...Beyonce. But when I saw these pants for sale on my absolute favorite website and I just couldn't resist. Shop Ruche has been my go-to for cute vintage type clothing lately, the way they style their pieces makes it just too hard to resist going a little online shopping crazy.

I knew when I wanted to start writing a blog that style posts would be one of my favorite components. But it would also be one that would terrify me the most. You see I hate having my picture taken and I really hate having it taken in public. I have a strong feeling that at the beginning, most of the style posts will be taken in secluded areas...much like these that were taken after church on the grounds behind the auditorium.

I think I had my first blogger fail. I left for church without an ounce of makeup on making the sunglasses necessary in most of the pics. I must start keeping an emergency tube of mascara in my car for times like these.

Top: Earlier this summer from Anthropologie (similar)
Pants: Shop Ruche (similar)
Shoes: Very Old from Target (similar)

Thankfully I have a pretty goofy husband and he made taking pictures more fun than stressful! 
He's even good at taking candids...sneaky man.

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