Saturday, September 7, 2013

"Date" Night

Matt (my hubs) and I are pretty big introverts. Ask him and he'll deny deny deny, but I have no problem yelling from the mountain tops that I am as shy and introverted as can be. More often than not I would rather be at home than out at any social gathering. I adore spending time with my close friends but the idea of going out where I don't know most of the people there, well that sends me into a full blown panic attack. My guy is just as comfortable staying at home and works better in a social group of around 2-3 people. That's why we work together as a couple. Well it's one of the reasons. I sometimes can't believe how lucky I am to have found another person who loves staying in and watching The Office on Netflix as much as I do.

That brings me to our version of date night. Matt's and my definition of a date night is pretty different than the normal couple's date night. We aren't big on going out to eat, I can count on one hand how many time we've gone to the theater, and my claustrophobia coupled with my fear of crowds keeps us from venturing into the city for a day of exploring. Yes, on top of being an introvert I get to add fear of small spaces and crowds to the mix. And yes, I am aware that I sound like a crazy person. Anyway, Matt and I usually save our nights out for a little later in the evening and our plans are simple and quiet. Much like ourselves.

Earlier this week we had one of my favorite date nights. Grocery shopping. Especially at our local Fresh Market. If you have one near you, I highly recommend going to one. They're amazing. A lot like Whole Foods but way more affordable. 

Could these heirloom tomatoes be any more gorgeous?! I wish I liked tomatoes... 

We try to buy healthy food when we go to the market, but the huge candy section works on our self control. 

More often than not we end up leaving with some matter how much we vow to be healthy!

It took me a long time to accept our version of a date night. Earlier in our marriage I would beg, plead, and fight for nights out with Matt. We would argue back and forth about his desire for a quiet night in and my wanting to go out. Majority of the time I'd win him over, but the entire time we'd be out I'd be wishing I was at home cuddling on our tiny couch. Moral of the story, it's ok to be happy with a calm life. It took me many fights and angry nights with my guy before I fully accepted this and our relationship is much better for it. 

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