Monday, September 2, 2013

Last Fling Before the Ring!

Sometimes its' pretty hard accepting the fact that I'm old enough to not only be married myself, but to be attending pre-wedding festivities for family members younger than me. My cousin Ashleigh is getting married 364 days after I got married (yes our anniversaries will be one day apart) and it's so weird to me that we're all at this stage in our lives. I feel like it was just yesterday that Ashleigh and I were hiding in a closet at Grandma's house when the Franz Christmas was just getting to be too much for us to handle. I'm married, she's getting married, and next summer her older brother will be tying the knot as well. We better be careful because if one of us blinks, we'll be welcoming in the new generation of Franz bambinos.

This past Saturday we held an early Bachelorette party for Ashleigh. We played fun games, ate delicious food, and had yummy cocktails. It was fun attending a grown up bachelorette party and since most of my girlfriends are already married, it might be one of the few I get to attend!

My sister and I decorated our Grandma's house for the party

The wedding is under 100 days and is going to be a great way to cap off 2013!
Congrats Ashleigh and Chris!

Us gals before we painted the town red. My dress is from Anthropologie as is my necklace (similar).

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