Thursday, August 29, 2013

Ten Things

Ok so here I am. I'm doing this. I've toyed around with the idea of writing a blog for months, well maybe years. I've struggled with trying to figure out what my voice would be in the seemingly endless realm of blogging. It's quite intimidating. Maybe I'm jumping on the bandwagon a little too late but here I am, creating my first ripple in the vast pool of blogs that pepper the web. Writing to me has always been my chosen medium of creativity. I can't paint, draw, sculpt, design, sing, or dance, so I choose to write. It's been a constant love of mine ever since my poem on Springtime was published in the paper when I was 10. It helps me nourish the creative juices that flow within me. If I didn't write there would be a lot of sad attempts at water colors out there. Or maybe one too many failed attempts to break into the music industry. Trust me. No one wants either of those things to happen. It's better for the whole world that I choose to write.

I decided that my first post would be an introductory post on myself. This blog will be a window into my life so why not let you all know a few tidbits about me!

1. I am 23 years old, living in a suburb near Chicago with my husband. I am madly in love with that  guy, hence the blog title, "Love in the Burbs". 
2. I graduated from a small Christian University with a degree in psychology. There are times when I wish I had pursued my first choice of Columbia in Chicago, but if I had I would have never met my guy or some of the best friends I've ever had. 
3. I'm a huge animal lover. Ok well I'm a huge dogs and horses lover. It's touch and go with other mammals (reptiles, insects, and arachnids are always a no go). 
4. I am very close to my immediate and extended family.
5. I work for an SRA (special recreation association) full time and I work extremely part time for my favorite retail store. It keeps me busy but I love it!
6. I am lactose intolerant but that does not stop me from consuming mass quantities of cheese, ice cream, and chocolate milk.
7. My "when I grow up" ambition is constantly changing. I probably will never be able to decide on one solid vocation.
8. Fashion/Style has become a huge passion for me. I consider it another way to express ones creativity. I used to be a solid t-shirts and jeans kinda girl. I blame my sister and a subscription to Instyle for the shift.
9. I love reading. I've been burned out on it for most of college but I'm falling back in love with the notion of curling up with a good book.
10. I love eating. Seriously food is my number one love language. Anything from a Whopper to a fig flatbread. I don't discriminate. 
So there it is and there am I. I hope y'all decide to stick around for a while. I'm excited for what I have planned for this blog and I hope you guys can get excited about it too!

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