Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Winter is Finally Here

When I say "finally", I do not mean "Yay it finally snowed and is cold enough for it to stick so I can go out and build a snowman and reenact scenes from Frozen!". Oh no no, I mean "I can finally stop holding my anxious breath because the skies have finally opened up and released white fluffy hell". Yes, I hate snow. I live in Illinois and hate snow. I hate winter really. Last year was a nightmare. When the forecast predicts that it'll be so cold that it'll be dangerous to go outside? Yeah it's time to pull a bird and fly south. This year the weather was cruel and teased us with a rather pleasant December. Now it's barely a week into January and we are covered in snow and the windchill is being predicted to be at an all time low. For those of you lucky ducks out there who live in lovely happy sunny places, windchill is the actual temperature you will be feeling the wrath of. Not the seemingly bearable temperature that gets flaunted in the forecast. Windchill will freeze your face off and make you regret getting out of bed. This snow & bone chilling cold is ruining our plans to take our pup for nightly walks, my DIY project I have planned (and am so FREAKING excited for) and it makes me want to have soup for dinner every night. I am hoping and praying that this cold snap isn't going to last 3 months like last year's did. Until we get above freezing, I am hibernating under my giant purple blanket and pretending that we live in Cali.

Frozen Hell

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