Thursday, March 5, 2015


Signs I'm PMSing?

  1. I'm craving KFC
  2. The sound of Matt chewing makes me want to throw a book at him (love ya babe)
  3. My desire to put on makeup is at an all time low
  4. I'm wise not cleaning (pish). Like tonight I'm making homemade Italian meatloaf & homemade mac & cheese. 
  5. And lastly my sad stretched out yoga pants are especially tight. This one is the most depressing sign. 
Tomorrow I am starting the Fit Girl's 28 Day Jumpstart. It's a fun meal plan & exercise regime with proven results. I'm excited...but also scared that my typical lack of discipline will stand in my way. I'm seriously hoping the next 28 days will fly by. 

P.S.- If anyone out there gets the 'Roseanne' reference I made in the title...then you & I should be besties. 

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